Capacity Full

We are temporarily at full capacity here at Artistic Compositions for the 21-22 season!!

In order to serve our elite clientele and keep our return under a year, it is my responsibility to regulate our intake accordingly. If I have previously communicated with you and have agreed to accept your birds, don’t panic, I will honor them. 

For those of you that have specimens that you would like to send, I plan to receive more work in the May timeframe. Please fill out the form on this page and submit it electronically and I will place you on a list (first come first serve) and you will be contacted when openings come available.

I will still accept my quota of turkeys as they come in.

AVAILABLE! Service for expedited (express) birds will still be optional on a limited basis each month (click here) for expedited pricing.

This service is a 120 day turnaround for standard bird mounts and does not include large habitats.

This is the responsible thing to do as God has truly blessed us with work in these uncertain times. Covid has impacted our turnaround to a degree and I feel this is the best option. We value your loyalty and are grateful for your business.

Kindest regards,

Shane Smith