If you would like to send us birds, please follow these procedures:

A. Please COMPLETELY fill out an online bird tag or (print a .pdf file) and online work order form or (print a .pdf file) Tags and forms can be submitted electronically now prior to shipping with ease! It is important that these forms be filled out accurately and completely for processing. Up to 5 Images may be uploaded to the form as well. There is a print option also so please print tags and forms to place in the container. The electronic submission let’s us prepare for the shipment and document the shipment. 

B. Call us to notify that you will be sending us your birds. Please try to ship on Mondays only, if at all possible. 

C. Remove bird from freezer and insulate with 3-4 inches of newspaper or insulation (leave in plastic bag).(watch our video) Purchase a cheap styrofoam cooler, and pack bird(s) inside with more newspapers. Fit cooler into a cardboard box and tape shut. The outside of the box should be labeled in one of the corners stating contents. Example; 3 Mallard drakes 1 Pintail drake. You may also use a standard cooler to ship groups of birds in number. Failure to package properly can result of damaged or spoiled specimens. 

D. Make sure each bird contained in the shipment has its own “ID” tag. An index card can be used for this purpose or the downloadable bird tag is the preferred method. USFWS REQUIRES THIS FOR POSSESSION AND SHIPMENT ACROSS STATE LINES. This info should state your name, street address, phone #, date collected, Specie and Sex, Where collected and your signature.

E. We prefer shipment made via UPS, or FED-EX, we would prefer you NOT send birds via US post office. Next day air is recommended in the summer months, 2nd day in the winter months and depending on your location nationally. If you are in AL, GA, TN, or MS, UPS ground is sufficient, packages sent on Monday, will be received Tuesday. Anywhere else, packages should be sent according to weather and location. Larger coolers should be used for multiple birds.

F. For information on the import for birds from foreign countries notify us. We are an approved USDA establishment for receiving birds in from foreign countries.

Downloadable bird tag (click here) and order form (click here) to send with your birds.
Please COMPLETELY fill out the above forms and send all birds to:
Artistic Compositions – Shane Smith
118 Co rd 575
Bridgeport, Al 35740
Send Payments To:
Shane Smith
962 County Rd 94
Bridgeport, Al 35740